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Ms.Maryam Noor Yunus



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This course is designed based on the requirements of the children in Class 9 and 10 of Bangla medium and English Version. The lectures are based on your books and have been designed to give you enough knowledge to get through your SSC English 2nd paper exams with good grades. The best part about these lessons is that they are easy to understand. Each video is accompanied by notes, worksheets and answer keys to help you master the topic. To top it all, these lessons are not only for the children of class 9 and 10. All those who are seeking to learn English correctly may connect to learn from these lessons. 

Course Content
1/4: Possessives and Appositives 2 Video(s)
Unit 2: Pronoun and Possessives 4 Video(s)
Unit 7: Adverb - Lesson 1A 1 Video(s), 1 Note(s),
Unit 8: Prepositions - Lesson 1A 1 Video(s), 1 Note(s),
9/5: Tag Questions 1 Video(s)
9/6: Short Answers 1 Video(s)
9/8: Punctuation Marks 2 Video(s)
Unit 10: Introductory 'it' & 'there' 1 Video(s)
Unit 11: Conditionals 1 Video(s)
Revision Planner for you. 1 Note(s)
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About Teacher

Ms.Maryam Noor Yunus

BSS (Hons) in Public Administration (DU), Dip TESOL, London Teachers Training College (LTTC), Dip CIDTT, University of Cambridge

Experience: 23 years

Course Taken: English 2nd Paper

Ms. Maryam is an experienced teacher with over two decades of teaching time in her professional career. Winner of many international awards as a teacher and a Principal, she makes learning easy for learners and teaching exciting for teachers. She has a wide hold on English of all levels and grades and is a great help and support for notes and problem solving for most of the IGCSE subjects.

Classification of Business
Videos: 5
Notes: 01
Duration: 01:00 Hr
Classification of Business
Videos: 5
Notes: 01
Duration: 01:00 Hr
Classification of Business
Videos: 5
Notes: 01
Duration: 01:00 Hr
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  • Man

    zannat muna

    This course helped me with my SSC preparation. Thank you Ms. Maryam.

  • Man

    Faraha Deeba

    Excellent course.

    Ms. Maryam's teaching is awesome.