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Sir Razi Uddin Ahmed


Edexcel, Cambridge

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How often do we scour the internet for IGCSE Content but end up with bits and pieces of different chapters across different websites?

Well, we are here to solve that! Our IGCSE Business Studies Course acts as a one-stop solution for students, where our Experienced Teacher will cover the entire Syllabus in a Structured Manner as per the Board Specifications through Easy-to-Understand Videos, Comprehensive Notes, Interactive Quizzes, 24/7 Discussion Forum and State-of-the-Art Live Sessions.

In this course, you’ll learn:

- All the Chapters of IGCSE Business Studies, as per the Syllabus Specifications

- Fundamental Concepts & Application through relatable Examples

- Best Practices to Solving Questions

- Independent Learning

Whether you are just about to start the Business Syllabus or almost completing it & solving question papers, we have got you covered! 

Conceptual, Contextual Content - Anywhere, Anytime.

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Enterprise, Business Growth & Size 2 Video(s)
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Course Taken: Business Studies

Hi! I’m Razi and if I had to describe myself in one line; it would probably be this - an optimist, who lives and breathes Manchester United, Cristiano Ronaldo, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and The Beatles. I strongly believe that our decisions – no matter how big or small – should have purpose at the core of it. I for one took Business Studies during my IGCSE & scored pretty well. I bring it down to two reasons, purpose & hard-work. I could relate to this subject as a student and could see myself working in the world of business. If you feel the same – this is the place to be! Feel free to contact me over mail at razi@mytutorsinc.com or by messaging in the Discussion Forum!

Classification of Business
Videos: 5
Notes: 01
Duration: 01:00 Hr
Classification of Business
Videos: 5
Notes: 01
Duration: 01:00 Hr
Classification of Business
Videos: 5
Notes: 01
Duration: 01:00 Hr
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